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4 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Dave Nickles says:

    Liz, we have to go to Girard tomorrow morning. Please put back six jars of rhubarb jam for me. three of the vanilla and three of the berry. No ginger. Sandra can pick the other six jars. I promise to share with Macy. She can’t count yet so she has no idea how many jars are in a case. We may be out of town the following Saturday as well, I’ll let you know. Thanks, Dave p.s. your Grandma told me tonight that you were selling eggs also? Never had fresh eggs before.. when I know we are gonna be there and Sandra doesn’t have any plans that I am unaware of I will order some of those also…….

  2. Yep, we will hopefully be selling our eggs at the market by July (waiting on the ODA….) But you can always pick some up at our house. They’re delicious!

  3. Aunt Karen says:

    I just logged on to your website. I enjoyed it so much and seeing the old pics of the farm brought back so many memories. I am so glad you and Mike are there – the Royer Legacy lives on through you.
    Peg and I are planning to come to the market on Sat AM. Bob needs more jam and jelly fix.
    Love, AK

  4. Excellent! See you Saturday morning Aunt Karen!
    Love you, Liz

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