Cooperstown, NY has got it right!

This past weekend Mike and I traveled to Cooperstown, NY with his sister and brother-in-law to see John Prine and the Avett Brothers at Brewery Ommegang. To say the show was great would be an understatement. It was FANTASTIC! John Prine blew my damn mind and I could’ve listened to him play for like 3 hours. He is a living legend, people!

The venue was great – the music was incredible and the beer and food were top notch. We’re used to $9 shit domestics at venues like Blossom here in Ohio. But Ommegang served their delicious, delicious brews for just $5! And they served up great Belgian style eats along with fellow vendors Dinosaur BBQ (oh…the wings….), Catskill Food Company , Origins Cafe, and others.

But the show was the capstone of the weekend and we had plenty of good times and good eats pre-show too. Let’s talk about the good eats….

We left Friday evening after work and made it to Rochester before crashing at a Holiday Inn. Saturday morning we woke up early and my sister-in-law led the way to the Frog Pond. Oh man. A killer, extra spicy (virgin) bloody mary, eggs benedict with ham and cheese, and a few bites of the table’s banana caramel pancakes were a helluva a way to start the day!

frog pond

With full bellies we headed to Cooperstown and the Aalsmeer Motel. What a gem! A 1950s-esque, family owned (3 generations!) no frills “resort” on the shores of Lake Ostego. It was PERFECT!


After sitting on the dock and soaking our feet in the cool, crystal clear lake water and enjoying the view we decided to head into downtown Cooperstown for some provisions.


We hit Danny’s Market and picked up some excellent sandwiches. And then we saw a sign for the Cooperstown Farmers’ Market! Woohoo!

Boy, do they know how to do it in Cooperstown! We were there at 1pm (market closes at 2pm) so a lot of people had already sold out but I noticed some real gems.

Fresh caught trout!!


Something this awesome is absolutely prohibited at Ohio markets. You can’t sell fresh caught fish or foraged anything. A damn shame!!

Gorgeous peonies!


Gin! Vodka! Bourbon!


The Cooperstown Distillery had a table complete with TASTINGS! Yes, you heard me right. You could taste the booze. No alcohol of any kind is permitted at Ohio markets. Ugh, what a shame! I had a sip of the gin and I was sold – my souvenir from this trip was a delightful bottle of Fenimore Gin. Come October I’m going to enjoy a delightful gin & tonic and think fondly of this trip!

And finally, the best thing I saw – eggs done right!


Room temperature, right from the hens AS NATURE INTENDED! In Ohio, farmers have to wash all of their eggs and sell them out of a cooler or a refrigeration unit of some kind – eggs like this are absolutely prohibited and I find that to be the biggest damn shame of all.

I have gone on and on about how eggs are the perfect food – nature gives them to us in their own little, perfect package and then the powers that be make us ruin that package before they allow them for sale. Ugh. Sickening. Heartbreaking! But NOT in Cooperstown, NY! In Cooperstown you can get your eggs just as nature intended and this nearly brought a tear to me eye!

After the market we headed back to the Aalsmeer to enjoy our sandwiches and a gorgeous lake view.


We ate, laughed, drank cold beers, and soaked up the sun – a perfect afternoon capped off with fantastic live tunes. John Prine, dude. If you’re not in the know you need to get there. Now! Right Now!

About Barton Farms and Gardens

My husband and I are bringing an old family farm back to life while simultaneously working full-time jobs and raising two kids. It's a gas!
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