A Playhouse for Peeps

This is the playhouse.

002_playhouseIt’s called the playhouse because we used to play in it as kids. I think my dad and aunts and uncle may have played in it too. If you look to the right you can see where the roof connects to the wood shed – underneath that there is a brick path and there is a window in the side of the playhouse. We spent a lot of hours playing ‘drive thru’ as kids.

Before this was the playhouse it was a chicken coop. I believe there were four of these little coops towards the back of the property; I’m not sure of the exact spot. I guess once my grandparents (or great grandparents?) were done with having so many chickens they got rid of these coops. But someone was smart enough to realize one of them would make a great playhouse so they moved it up closer to the house and fixed it up for play.

Ellie is too small for the playhouse. Plus, there is an amazing spot back behind the buildings where Mike wants to eventually build her a playhouse. It’s a small pine forest and it’s so cool – the perfect spot.

Thus, it was time to re-purpose the playhouse. It was time to take it back to its original glory.

Every year we end up with peeps in a giant rubbermaid tub in our basement. Then they get big enough to fly out but not big enough to move in with the other chickens and we have peeps all over the place. Mike and I are both very, very sick of this arrangement so we finally decided to do something about it. It was decided that the playhouse of my childhood would become the brooder of my adulthood.

We cleaned it out and salvaged materials from around the farm. We lined the floor with heavy duty plastic and Mike put up a frame to support a small door and a wall of chicken wire.

003_blog pic

We found an old screen (maybe for the house but no longer in any condition to use for that now) and it worked perfectly as a door.

Mike did a little electrical work and then we laid down wood chips, hung a feeder, waterer, and heat lamp and then added our 4 peeps.


Here’s a close up of the peeps through the chicken wire.

006_finished02Ellie’s grandpa ordered her a dozen turkey poults and those will be arriving mid-June. This will be the perfect spot for them, along with anything else that hatches in the meantime.

While working on the brooder I also managed to wash our sheets and blankets and hang them on the line, the first line dried items of the season. Oh man. Line dried sheets are one of my very favorite things.


After we finished up we did a few other small projects around the yard and house and then called it quits to enjoy some roasted brussel sprouts, baked sweet potatoes, and meatloaf.

And now it’s Sunday night again. Sheesh. Sometimes it feels like it is always Sunday night.

About Barton Farms and Gardens

My husband and I are bringing an old family farm back to life while simultaneously working full-time jobs and raising two kids. It's a gas!
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  1. tbnranch says:

    Looks GREAT! 🙂

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