Sunday Funday

After a hearty breakfast of egg tacos and maple sausage links we set out to build at least three new raised beds. The plan is to get some “cold weather crops” going – lettuces, various greens, onions, radishes. We’ll do root veggies – namely turnips and beets – in one of the beds and maybe rhubarb in another.

So, the plan was three raised beds. How did we do?

One bed totally finished and complete with soil. One bed constructed but not filled. And the wood for the third bed at least made it to the location though no construction took place.  Pre-baby we would’ve had all three built and filled before lunch. That was a past life. Since the Ellie Bean showed up on the scene Sunday Fundays are about 10x more fun and 10x less productive.

C’est la vie.

We used “reclaimed” wood – stuff we have found around the farm and salvaged from random demolition projects. Mike measured and cut and I held the pieces together while he hammered.

We’re lucky to have some KILLER dirt. We have a few compost piles. I keep a small bin close to the house for kitchen scraps and we have one in the back that is strictly animal bedding. The third pile is a massive heap of dirt and organic matter Mike hauls out of job sites. He turns it once a year and it’s good stuff.

playing in dirt

Ellie enjoyed playing in the dirt until she decided to eat a big handful. But, like the true farm girl she is she just washed her mouth out with a few hearty gulps of water and got right back to it. She makes me so proud.

ellie drinking waterWe filled the bed up with that black gold and then took a lunch break – ham and cheese sandwiches, hummus and chips, some fruit and pink lemonade.

filling bed with dirtLook at this beauty! Maybe on our next Sunday Funday we can actually plant some stuff!!

raised bed_done

After lunch we investigated the asparagus bed and were super excited to see some growth. Woohoo! And the hyacinths are just gorgeous and smell so nice. Spring! Yahoo!

bllog picWe watched the turkeys strut their stuff – strutting is about all the two Toms are doing these days. Fingers crossed for some turkey poults!!

turkeysAnd by then we were winding down. We gave Ellie a “hillbilly wagon ride” around the yard and then called it quits.

hillbilly wagon ride

Later, she fell asleep in her high chair just 1/3 of the way through her dinner. Mike and I weren’t far behind!

About Barton Farms and Gardens

My husband and I are bringing an old family farm back to life while simultaneously working full-time jobs and raising two kids. It's a gas!
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