Christmas Tree!

I love, love, love cutting down a Christmas tree. We always bought them at tree lots when I was a kid and when I got into my teen years we stopped getting a tree altogether. Many moons ago when I was living in Highland Square in the swingin’ bachelorette pad I decided I’d like to cut down a tree.

My friend Ben and I trekked out to a local tree farm and I was pleased to saw down my first tiny tree. I was a bit less pleased when it came time to pay for the tree. Yowza!

According to Ben you can’t buy trees at farms that cater to city slickers. You have to get your tree out in the country if you want a reasonable price. I made a note of that.

Later, when I moved in with Mike we kept the fresh cut tree tradition going. We went to Dittmer’s Treet Depot for several years and loved the hot cocoa and popcorn and the wagon ride and the beautiful and reasonably priced trees.

When Dittmer’s closed a few years ago we were at a loss. But good ol’ friend Ben said, “Go to the Happinest. That’s where we went as kids. It’s no frills and it’s the best.”

So now we go see the Millers at the Happinest Farm.

At first I was sad. Unlike Dittmer’s, the Happinest does not have hot cocoa or popcorn or wagon rides. But the trees are gorgeous! And once I realized I could take my own hot cocoa I was sold.

Sunday afternoon we all put on our carhart overalls and headed to the Happinest.

First things first, hot coca to prepare for the hunt.

cocaWe picked up our saw and headed out into the field. The Millers offer a couple different variety of trees but we like the Canaan Fir best. I love that they are tall and skinny with short needles. They make the most perfect Christmas trees!

tree farmEven if you spot a tree you like right away you really must walk all around the farm just in case there is a better one. We examined trees for about 35 minutes or so before deciding on the PERFECT tree.

cutting and carryingWhat a beauty!! We took it up to the barn and they shook it for us and then Mike loaded it into the back of his truck. And in keeping with tradition, we plunked down the tailgate and enjoyed a little celebratory hot cocoa.

hot coca 2

All dressed up!


Choosing, cutting, and decorating the perfect Christmas tree is hard work. And you can really work up an appetite.

Homemade chicken pot pie – the perfect meal to end a perfect day

pot pies

The baby-sized pot pie was a huge hit. She loved it! And what a big day for baby girl – her first carhart overalls, her first trip to the tree farm, her first sip of hot cocoa, and her first chicken pot pie. It really was a perfect day!

If you haven’t gotten a tree yet I really encourage you to go cut down a fresh one. Fake trees are convenient but they’re fake. They don’t smell good, there’s no adventure. Yea, yea some needles will fall off. Big whoop. It’s once a year and if you keep the tree well hydrated you won’t even loose that many needles. Do it!

About Barton Farms and Gardens

My husband and I are bringing an old family farm back to life while simultaneously working full-time jobs and raising two kids. It's a gas!
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