Buried Treasure

There is a lot of old stuff around here. A lot. We keep crossing our fingers for that million dollar item buried among the junk. So far, no dice. But Mike started tackling one of the older buildings this week so hopes were high for buried treasure.


I don’t really know the history of this building. I’m not sure when it was built or what it was used for.  It was always full of junk when I was a kid and then the second floor collapsed so it became totally off limits to us kids. I was pretty stoked to see what Mike would dig out. And my fingers were crossed for that million dollar item!

Check out this GORGEOUS door! He found several doors but we’re not sure if they’re original to the house. If Mike can restore this it will most certainly end up as our front door. It’s beautiful. 20140807_111248

I love old wash tubs and basins. Mike found several! I’ll wash these up and then the next big party they’ll be filled with ice and beer!


Old sewing machines are a dime a dozen and this one was in really bad shape so I wasn’t too excited by this find.


But then we noticed a small drawer on the left hand side that was locked! This could be it!


Nope. Just an old, dirty, balled up rag. Damn it!

Here is a view from inside the building. Chock full of dust, dirt, and wood. Lots of wooden things inside this building – including several big rolls of old school wooden snow fence (bottom left in this photo). In all reality that fence is most likely the million dollar item from this building. It’s in great shape and there is enough to enclose the whole garden. Score!


There was one item I knew was in this building that I remember from my childhood – Uncle Stu’s Datsun. I vaguely remember opening the doors and pretending to drive the car. And I think my brothers and cousins may have smoked cigarettes in there (Not me. I was a perfect angel). 


It needs a little work.

Welp, we didn’t find wads of cash, million dollar antiques, or buried treasure. But we do have a helluva burn pile for this weekend and some fence for the garden. I’ll take what I can get.

About Barton Farms and Gardens

My husband and I are bringing an old family farm back to life while simultaneously working full-time jobs and raising two kids. It's a gas!
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