Old Timey Tuesday: Apartment No. 5

I love our house. I love our property and the out buildings and the memories I have from my childhood. I love all the potential this old farm has. I just love living at this place. And while I’m sure Mike likes the house and the barn and my memories too if truth be told the real reason we bought the family farm is the shop.

Mike loooooooooves the shop.

I posted before that my great grandpa Roy owned a trucking company – Roy H. Royer and Sons – and my grandpa and Great Uncle Del drove for him. They hauled produce from local farms including Roy’s brother Carl’s farm just down the road. My great grandpa built the truck garage (aka Mike’s shop) in the 1940s. The four bays housed his trucks and the upstairs apartments housed the the drivers and their families. Basically the upper floor is an apartment building.

And one apartment in particular – apartment no. 5 – has a pretty rad history.

Apartment no. 5 is where my grandparents lived right after they were married. My Aunt Jackie was born while they lived in apartment no. 5. Check out this awesome photograph of my grandpa and Aunt Jackie enjoying a tea party in the living room.

014_gpateapartyMy grandparents later moved into the main house and lived in the upstairs – remember how our upstairs bathroom (still under construction) used to be an extra kitchen? That kitchen was added on when my grandparents moved into the farmhouse after my great grandpa passed away.

And later when my Aunt Jackie reached adulthood and needed to get the heck outta dodge she ventured out on her own…back to apartment no. 5.


My folks were married in 1979. Guess where their first apartment was located? You got it. Apartment no. 5! I came along in 1980 and my brother in 1982 and we spent our early years in apartment no. 5.

Here’s my brother hangin’ on for dear life (or coppin’ a feel) while I pedaled us around on a tricycle.

016_meandkenny_apt5We were the last residents of apartment no. 5 and we moved out in the spring of 1984. So what’s it look like now? Well, it needs some work.

Looking in from the hallway

003_apartment5A better view of that main living area

001The kitchen area


Spring of 1984 – it’s like time stopped up here


Look – they even left some of my toys behind!

002_radiatorMike and I were up in the apartments recently checking for leaks in the roof.

012_checkingforleaksWell, he was looking for leaks. I was just cautiously making my way through the apartments – snapping photos, reminiscing, and wondering how the heck it got to be in such disrepair. I mean, I guess 30 years is a long time but sheesh. Mike says it’s because the roof leaked which caused the drop ceilings to fall down and make a mess. There is a lot of fallen ceiling bits laying around. But there is also a lot of other weird stuff.

Like this old bed

009_old bedAnd these awesome old sinks

011_oldsinkAnd old televisions and furniture

010_oldTVandchairAnd these garden baskets which will be handy this summer

008_basketandfairsignsWe have a lot of work ahead of us to bring this old space back to life. It’s not really a top priority right now but I do have dreams of a giant dance hall in my future.

006_hallwayOr if we didn’t want to fix it up it would certainly be a great spot to film a horror movie!

About Barton Farms and Gardens

My husband and I are bringing an old family farm back to life while simultaneously working full-time jobs and raising two kids. It's a gas!
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3 Responses to Old Timey Tuesday: Apartment No. 5

  1. Baroney says:

    I love Old Timey Tuesday! Love the before/after pics, and those old fair posters are awesome! Looking forward to that dance hall 🙂

  2. gruich says:

    Your photos are awesome and I love the stories behind them. You have a really rich family history and it’s so cool you are keeping it alive in so many ways. Get working on that dance hall so my girls can have their double-wedding reception!

  3. Two more votes for the dance hall! Yes!

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