Sunday Funday!

Saturday I attended the Countryside Conservancy Birthday Bash and worked my day job. When I got home I had grand plans of county fair style lemon shake-ups, sweat pants, and some serious lounging. Mike had other plans.

His idea of a kick ass Saturday night – rooster butchering.

For weeks, no months, we’ve been saying “Man, we really need to butcher those roosters.” We had eight roosters – nine counting Napoleon – and that was six too many. Napoleon, Sue, and an unnamed  Ameraucana were spared.

not for long….


Looks like the lounging would have to wait. Mike wrangled the roosters and I got the knives, water, pots, and space ready. For the first time we skinned the birds instead of painstakingly plucking all the feathers. I don’t really roast roos or cut them up and fry them or anything like that. Roosters are usually (in my kitchen anyways) used for stocks, soups, stews, tacos, and chicken and biscuits. And skin isn’t all the important for that stuff. Plus, it saved us a TON of time.

Sunday we had a KILLER breakfast thanks to Brunty Farms. We each got half an English muffin and I topped them with two slices of Brunty Canadian bacon and a dippy egg. I hoarded that delicious Trigo’s almond pastry from Saturday and since I love Mike I split it with him. We also had a fruit cup with strawberries, kiwi, and clementine segments.

Then I made some soup for the week – perfect for our lunches.

Brunty chorizo, Red Basket Farm kale, homemade chicken stock, potatoes. Mmm!



We worked outside for a bit and then tooled around on the cub. I wandered aimlessly and Mike hunted for arrow heads.


Then I headed in to make us lunch. And we dined al fresco for the first time in 2014!

Mac-n-cheese + homemade hummus w/ hot sauce & carrot sticks + dill pickle chips


We had quite an audience at lunch. Mike kept throwing them pickle chips. Apparently the birds love those babies as much as I do.


And since I wasn’t too keen on sharing any more of my pickle chips I snagged the bag of old crackers/bread/random stuff I’d cleaned out of the cupboards that I’d been saving for the birds.



After playing with the birds and the goats it was time to get back to business. Mike got to work installing his new shop door and I had my very own stick pickin’ up party.

He ripped out the old door jam and installed a new one.




While he started re-laying the stones and filling in the space around the door I went in to get us some drinks.

Lemon shake-ups!


Oh man. Perfection! Especially on such a beautiful spring day! My sister-in-law loaned me her sweet lemon press and it is totally awesome. I need one for myself.

See! Super refreshing!


When I was a teenager my dad would try to convince me, my brothers, and our equally uninterested adolescent friends that picking up sticks was fun. “Come on kids! A stick pickin’ up party!” Though, I guess they usually did end with a pretty cool bonfire so at least there was that.


By now my cart was full and a full cart means it’s break time. So I sat on a paint can, watched Mike work and sipped on my lemon shake-up.

Once the door was done we took the cub around the yard gathering up more sticks. We took my cart and several cub loads up to the fire pile. And just like the end of any good stick pickin’ party worth its salt we set that sucker ablaze.


Popcorn, lemon shake-ups, and a bonfire. A pretty kick ass Sunday Funday.

About Barton Farms and Gardens

My husband and I are bringing an old family farm back to life while simultaneously working full-time jobs and raising two kids. It's a gas!
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