Spring has sprung! (I hope).

As you know we’ve been trying to hatch some chicks. You’d think with all those blasted roosters we have we’d be getting loads of them but many of our eggs have turned out to be duds. Boo hiss. And speaking of those blasted roosters – they are nearing the end. We’ve been putting off butchering them due to cold weather and general laziness but we have reached the end of our ropes. Those suckers are meeting their maker (and my stew pot) this weekend!

Anyways, so far we have hatched three chicks and they are living in a cardboard box. Then we hatched a little runt. A Tiny Tim. The lil’ gal had trouble getting out of her shell and eventually Mike had to help her along. She was tiny and didn’t look too good.

He put her in her own box and on day two started giving her water from a dropper. He also crushed up chick food really fine and tried hand feeding it to her.

baby chickieShe was tiny and weak but we were hopeful. And then on day three she took a turn for the worse and died in Mike’s hands. It was sad. But she was just too little and weak to make it in this world. But when one life ends another begins – Mike was candling eggs from the incubator and noticed that one of the turkey eggs (finally!) has a chick inside. Stay tuned for a baby turkey!

And speaking of turkeys – we just picked up two more Blue Slate hens from my pal Janee at High Mill Park. Last summer I picked up JD and Turk from her and these two hens are actually from the same batch as JD. Three hens and one Tom – we have high hopes!

We picked them up and introduced them to the other birds. We put them in the coop and then headed inside for dinner. Later Mike went out to check on them and discovered that JD was the sole turkey in the coop. What the heck?

Further inspection revealed Buford and one of the hens roosting in the tree above the coop. But the third hen was nowhere to be found. He grabbed his headlamp and eventually found her in the field back behind the buildings and garden. He put her on top of the coop and she hopped up into the tree with Buford and the other hen.

They were still in the tree this morning and Buford was wide awake strutting his stuff.

buford on top of coopIn other news – I came home to this the other night.

porch wallMike noticed something on the weird on the siding/wood/whatever and pulled it off to investigate. Good thing he did. Turns out the support beam was totally rotten. He pulled out the flaky, rotten wood and started filling it in with concrete. It’s a bit unsightly but better than the house crashing down!

And it’s April. Dare I say spring is finally here? Dude. I hope so.

About Barton Farms and Gardens

My husband and I are bringing an old family farm back to life while simultaneously working full-time jobs and raising two kids. It's a gas!
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