Sunday Supper and Some Hometown, Local Eats & Drinks

I have a Sunday night yoga class so we can either eat when I get home (roughly 8:45pm) or we can enjoy an early meal. I usually opt for the Sunday Supper.

This weekend I had a hankerin’ for some pasta and lucky for me I recently snagged a bag of homemade pasta from the Little Lakewood Pasta Company – a new vendor at the Haymaker Farmers’ Market. Add to that the ground pork I snagged from Breakneck Ami and some of my canned summer sauce and we had the fixin’s for a pretty bitchin’ Sunday Supper.

So, first things first – the delicious ground pork.

photo 1I cooked the pork until it was nice  and brown and kinda sticking to the bottom of the pan and then I deglazed it with a bit of red wine and scraped up all those bits. I reduced the wine by about 2/3 and then it was time for the sauce.

Remember my neck bone sauce from earlier in the summer? (Pork neck bones courtesy of Breakneck Ami as well).

photo 2That went into the pot along with a couple tablespoons of tomato paste to thicken it up.

photo 3I let this simmer for a long time – maybe like an hour and a half or two hours. Then I hit it with a little fresh lemon juice to finish. Mmm….

photo 5 (2)On to the pasta – the Little Lakewood Pasta Company sells dry pasta unlike the summer market pasta vendor Ohio City Pasta who sells fresh and frozen pasta. The dried pasta has a bit of a shelf life and it cooks very quick. And if you check out the ingredients list you’ll notice that Little Lakewood sells vegan pasta – no eggs – so if you’re vegan and love pasta check these folks out!

I love both Ohio City Pasta and the Little Lakewood Pasta Company and will (very) happily support both throughout the year!

Add some crusty bread and we had ourselves a really, really delicious Sunday supper.

Oh, and we had an appetizer too!

photo 5

Friday night Mike and I enjoyed a delightful Valentine’s Day meal at a local, LOCAL joint – Farms Girls Pub & Grub. We started our meal with their “born to snack” meat and cheese plate and it was awesome. What you see here are the leftovers – plus some of my homemade bread & butter pickles and a roll of Ritz crackers.

Our Valentine’s meal was very tasty but our favorite part of the meal by far was the meat and cheese plate. It had andouille sausage from Tierra Verde Farms, house made pickled veggies, a goats cream cheese (perfection!) and another cheese made by Abbe Turner (Farm Girls owner & Lucky Penny Creamery owner), and also a really killer Wisconsin blue cheese. The leftovers were the perfect Sunday Supper appetizer!

Oh, and since I’m plugging kick ass local joints I’d also like to talk to you about Crafted Artisan Meadery in Suffield.

craftedEarlier tonight Mike and I attended a presentation led by Kent Waldeck (owner and mead master at Crafted) and hosted by the Suffield Historical Society. A bunch of of local mead and/or history enthusiasts gathered in the Suffield Fire Department community room and learned all about the history of mead, current mead trends and practices, and the variety of meads that Kent produces just a few doors down at their meadery.

And then we sampled two of his meads – the Blue Honey Melomel and the Spiced Apple Cyser. DELICIOUS! And not only are these guys making killer meads using local honey, apple cider, and other ingredients but they are fighting the good fight for the honey bees.

The meadery has a small tasting room that is open to the public on Saturdays and you can sample their meads at a variety of Ohio bars and restaurants. You can also pick up their meads at several different locations including local Giant Eagle and Acme grocery stores, Bottles 101, Mustard Seed Market, West Pointe Market, and a host of other retail outlets.

Seriously, check these guys out.

About Barton Farms and Gardens

My husband and I are bringing an old family farm back to life while simultaneously working full-time jobs and raising two kids. It's a gas!
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