Sunday Funday

What a weekend!

Saturday was the first of two special holiday markets hosted by the Haymaker Farmers’ Market.  We opened at 9 instead of 10 and hosted a slew of vendors (40 to be exact) ranging from our regular farmers and bakers to really cool local artisans. I snagged several Christmas gifts and also some greens and other produce to get us through the week.

We had several new jams this week along with holiday cookies, rosemary cashew brittle, holiday hypertufas and floral arrangements, eggs, and our jammies. What is a jammie? Handmade chocolate candies filled with our jams. Delicious.

Here is Diane at the start of the market.

001_diane at boothOur booth looked really great and I wanted to grab a few more photos but as soon as the doors opened at 9 the market was slammed! We had an INCREDIBLE day and we continue to be grateful to all of our loyal customers. Thank you!

The day was so good in fact that I have a lot of jam making ahead of me this week!

Sunday was a bit lazy. I made some stove top hot cocoa (which is becoming a bit of a Sunday morning ritual) and watched a little Netflix (“The Nightman Cometh” to be exact). Then started breakfast.

At the market I snagged an end of the day loaf of olive oil bread from Trigo Bakery. Trigo is new to the Haymaker Farmers’ Market and I hope they stick around because their bread is pretty killer.

Anyways, since I had this delicious bread I decided on egg in a hole for breakfast.

004_egg in a holeI used a small biscuit cutter to cut a circle out of the middle of the bread. I melted some butter in the skillet and cooked the bread just a bit to crisp it up. Then I added an egg to each hole.

One flip and voila – egg in a hole.

005_egg in a hole IIWe also had some really good breakfast potatoes care of my pals at Birdsong Farm.

Can we talk about breakfast potatoes for a minute? I love them. And as with most other breakfast foods I am a pretty big breakfast potato snob. Hashbrowns, homefries, skillet potatoes – whatever you call them they need to be crispy. The secret to crisp breakfast potatoes is to par boil them first. Yep, boil them at a low boil until fork tender and then cook them in butter or oil or whatever you like. And keep the seasoning simple please. Just salt and pepper. Or in our case, the very classic pantry staple – Lawry’s seasoned salt.

My next Sunday project was to tackle our big freezer. It hasn’t been cleaned out and organized in quite some time and I knew there was some pretty old stuff lurking in its depths. Also, I’ve been using loads of fruit for jam so I knew it could be condensed down to one shelf (I previously had two whole shelves of frozen fruit).

The inspiration behind this clean out? Venison. Lots of venison. Mike got two deer this season. And for the first time we actually had it processed somewhere instead of turning our kitchen into a makeshift slaughterhouse and doing it ourselves. $60 well spent.

And a little plug to Dumas Deer Processing. They butchered the deer to Mike’s exact specifications and everything came back to us vacuum sealed and labeled. I recommend them to anyone. It was a huge time saver and most certainly worth the money.

I pitched a few freezer burnt items and some things dating back to 2010 and 2011. I condensed all my frozen fruit to one shelf and started a bin of random cuts and bits for stocks and soups. I loaded in all the venison and the different cuts are stored in separate bins for easy locating. Then I stood back and admired my work. I get some serious satisfaction from a well organized freezer. Call me crazy.

Later in the day I did a little jammin’. White Peach & Vanilla Spread.

010_jam done4 lbs. Huffman white peaches, 1 lb.  Creekside honey, vanilla bean, juice of one lemon.

While honey and sugar can basically be used interchangeably I have found that spreads take a bit longer to cook and thicken up than jams using sugar. This spread took quite a while but it’s really tasty so it’s worth it.

And then as I was about to process this batch of White Peach Vanilla Spread disaster struck.

Womp. Womp.

009_peaches broken jarOne of my 8oz jars broke in the canner. How sad. 8 ounces of delicious spread gone to waste. I’ve only had this happen one other time and boy is it sad. Stupid, lousy jar.

While cleaning the freezer I took out a lot of fruit for jams this week. Stay tuned for cherries (with bourbon perhaps), more peaches (and more bourbon), and the much loved and requested Triple Threat.

About Barton Farms and Gardens

My husband and I are bringing an old family farm back to life while simultaneously working full-time jobs and raising two kids. It's a gas!
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