Sunday Funday

For the first time since April Mike and I were able to spend a Saturday together! He wasn’t working and I wasn’t vending at the market  or playing reference archivist at my day job – it was awesome!

We hit Tree City Coffee and then made our way to the Haymaker Farmers’ Market. I stocked up for the week with some of our favorites – turnips, beets, and leeks from Birdsong Farm; head lettuce and carrots from our new friend Phil at Breezy Hill; my favorite lemongrass soap from Emily’s Soaps; and a box of Busy B Bakery’s KILLER lemon cookies. In the car I sipped my latte and enjoyed some cookies – marvelous!

Then on to the obligatory pre-birthday BMV trip. After the state ripped $70 from my hands I left with a 2014 license tag and a fancy new ID. Tuesday I will be 33. And to 33 I say, “Bring it on!”

Then we headed to an electronics store so Mike could get a new TV. I don’t care much for electronics shopping (or listening to Mike talk about pixels, resolution, or 1080Ps) so I wandered the aisles and remembered many years ago when the whole store used to be full of CDs. Now there are like 3 aisles. Being the luddite I am I picked up the new Avetts CD – no digital downloads here. And update: it’s a kick ass record.

And while wandering I came across this contraption. Please pay attention to the $70 sticker price.

photo 1Basically, when you’re low on eggs or your eggs are getting old this handy device sends an alert to your phone. Hmm…anyone that has $70 to spend on something like this needs punched in the face. For real, just open the damn fridge door and take a peek!

We took a taco break and then headed to the Bomb Shelter. Have you ever been there? If not you should check it out. It’s pretty rad. Nothing jumped out at me but Mike picked up two antique oil cans for the shop. Then we hit Big Bird and headed home.

Mike set up the new TV and I prepared our dinner. You know how I’m always going on and on about our local eats? Well, lest you think I am the perfect locavore please check out our Saturday night fare.

photo 2Cocktail shrimp from India, a banana from South America, leftover Chipotle chips & salsas, and strawberries from California. Nobody’s perfect folks. Not even me. 🙂

Sunday I woke up and made some stove top hot chocolate. Mmm…. I sipped hot cocoa and read the paper for a bit and then got our dinner started.

Remember the other day we had that delicious roast chicken? Well, we ate the breasts that night and the legs and thighs the next night so I still had the wing meat and a carcass in the fridge. I picked all the meat and made a quick broth with the bones. And I washed and roasted the last of the tomatillos with some onions and jalapenos.

stock tomatillosI pureed the tomatillos with the rest of my Black Dog Acres cilantro and a little lime juice. And I strained the chicken broth of bones and blobs and fats.

photo 5My broth, green salsa, and pulled chicken went into a pot with a little salt and red pepper flakes and simmered away all day. There is no end result photo. We ate the whole pot of Chicken Chili Verde for dinner and it was delicious.

While my chili was simmering I putzed around doing dishes and laundry and organizing mail and paying bills. I also got our onions ready for long-term storage.

hot cocoa + onions + pantyhose

photo 6 You can read all about this onion storage technique all over the interwebs. Basically you add one onion and a time and knot after each one. Then you hang in a cool, dry place and just snip off an onion each time you need one.

onions ready for the basement

photo 7I laid on the couch and read and considered walking down to see what Mike was working on in the shop but instead I read some more and sipped more hot cocoa.

And then I ended my productiveness with a batch of White Peach & Wild Turkey Bourbon Jam.

peach bourbon jamYou already know how much I love food swaps and to celebrate my birthday Tuesday I’m hitting up my very first Countryside Conservancy Food Swap. I’m super excited because I think I can come away with quite a haul. I’m going to take a half dozen jars of this kick ass jam and maybe a couple dozen eggs. Wish me luck!

And then our power went out. So we played two games of Yahtzee by candle light and I am proud to say I kick Mike’s ass both times. Woohoo! Great weekend.

About Barton Farms and Gardens

My husband and I are bringing an old family farm back to life while simultaneously working full-time jobs and raising two kids. It's a gas!
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4 Responses to Sunday Funday

  1. Viper says:

    Whoa, never heard of the Bomb Shelter. That looks awesome!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I went to the market and the Bomb Shelter on Saturday. My neighbor was cleaning the basement and asked if I wanted some half pint jars. I have enough but I took them for you. I’ll bring them to the market when you return.

  3. Viper – really? You NEED to get over there!

    And thank you Sue for the jars – that is awesome!

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