Sunday Funday!

What a great weekend!

The first indoor market of the season went really well. The space is fantastic, we had a great crowd and were busy all day, and I was next to my pal Bernie of Swamp Veggies. And since it was her “last hurrah” she sent me home with a ton of peppers (score!).

We sold a lot of jam and Pumpkin Peanut Butter Cups and we sold out of our Buttermilk Biscuits and eggs. I continue to be amazed by the support of our market friends and just want to say thank you! I feel like we’re really doing something right and that feels pretty sweet.

Sunday I woke up early and enjoyed some coffee and my latest trashy read while Mike slept in a bit. Then I tackled our fridge. In our family we call it “the Barton fridge” – chock full of good intentions and at our house a slew of opened jams and pickled veggies (some past their prime). My sister-in-law joked that a packed-to-the-gills fridge should be our family crest. I think she is on to something….

After the fridge was sparkling I started some chicken stock. The pantry is empty so it’s time to pressure can another batch. The stock was a buncha rooster wings along with celery, carrots, onions, whole pepper corns, and bay leaves – cover with cold water and put on the stove top over low heat. This went all day. Then I strained it and put it in the fridge. Tomorrow I’ll skim the fat, strain it through cheese cloth, and pressure can it.

Breakfast was smushed avocado on toasty bread topped with scrambled eggs and Stotler’s apple slices on the side.

Then we headed outside. We had some pretty crazy wind the other night which left our potted mums all over the place and our grill ass over tea kettle. We cleaned up and then said goodbye to Halloween by cracking our jack-o-lanterns in half and feeding them to the birds.

The older ladies feasted on my very friendly, big toothed jack-o-lantern.

photo 1 (3)

While the younger birds enjoyed Mike’s scary, jagged toothed pumpkin.

photo 2 (3)

After watching the chickens for a bit we took our clean-up crew back to the garden.
photo 3 (2)

One of the biggest garden disappointments this season were our brussel sprouts. Last year we had a great harvest and we were eating them well into December. I was also able to freeze a ton. This year – not one. Not one single sprout. At least Alobar enjoyed this pathetic excuse for a brussel sprout.

photo 5 (2)

And remember all of those gourds?

photo 4 (2)

Now they’re just hanging out – curing and drying. They’re pretty bitchin’. I hope they all turn out so we can make some birdhouses this spring. We’ll see.

Mike spent the afternoon tooling around outside and in his shop with his cousin while I roasted and froze two buckets of tomatillos. I also roasted a sheet of Rootstown Organic roma tomatoes for snacking. Mmm….

Sunday dinner this week was seared Breakneck pork chops, roasted Birdsong Farm turnips, and killer (KILLER!) braised Breakneck leeks.

photo 5 (3)

These leeks were so good. So, so good. I’ll tell you how to make them. Go make them.

Barton Farms and Gardens Braised Leeks

Several small leeks – washed, trimmed, and cut in half lengthwise

Couple tablespoons butter

¼ cup – ½ cup chicken stock

Salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 375.

Melt butter in a skillet over medium heat. Add the leeks cut side down and sear for a couple of minutes until they start to brown. Flip them and brown the other side. Season liberally with salt and pepper.

Transfer the leeks to a baking dish and add ¼ cup stock and a little thyme.  (You could use the same skillet if you wanted. I didn’t cuz I needed it for the chops). Braise in the oven for about 30 minutes or so. If you notice your stock evaporating just add a little more.


When braised like this they are super tender and delicious and they practically melt in your mouth. I only had 6 leeks but I wish I would’ve had 20. I would’ve eaten them all.

Hope you all had a good weekend!

About Barton Farms and Gardens

My husband and I are bringing an old family farm back to life while simultaneously working full-time jobs and raising two kids. It's a gas!
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3 Responses to Sunday Funday!

  1. Monica Dague says:

    Liz! How can I get some eggs between now and your next market?

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