A little of this. A little of that.

I just realized I haven’t blogged in a while. Here is what I’ve been up to (in a nutshell).

The fruit season is coming to an end here in Northeastern Ohio. You can still find some red raspberries and maybe a couple peaches but those too will soon be done. Of course apples are in full swing but I don’t jam them so they don’t concern me.

In addition, I’ve reached that point in the season when I am no longer excited to bring home 2 or 3 pecks of fruit at a time. Nope. That time has passed. But no worries jam lovers! I freeze like a mad woman throughout the summer and I’d estimate I have about 120-150lbs of fruit in my freezer. Ha!

Exhibit A – The Triple Threat returns!

photo 1I grabbed some frozen strawberries, red raspberries, and black raspberries outta the freezer and whipped up a batch of The Triple Threat. It’s so good. It reminds me of summer as we slip in to fall. Come pick some up this weekend at the market.

Last week a friend asked me to come over and help her butcher some chickens. I said sure. As a thank you I came home with two plucked birds, one of which I roasted for an absolutely perfect dinner.

Look at this gem!

photo 4I rubbed the skin with soft butter and then seasoned liberally with salt and pepper. That’s it. I roasted it in a 450 degree oven and then we feasted! I later used the carcass to make a stock which along with the leftover chicken became chicken noodle soup. Mmm….

We had a goat injury!! We noticed that poor Alobar was limping or barely using his front right leg at all. So we called the vet. Dr. Alger didn’t see anything weird – no infection of pus or anything gross and he said it was likely just a sprain. He fitted him with a PVC cast and gave us some pain meds.

Two weeks later Mike removed the cast.

photo 9He is still walking a bit gingerly on it but it has definitely gotten better. He’s almost 100%.

We picked the garden clean of peppers (except bells and jalapenos) and we pickled them.

My sweet/hots are killer!

photo 5Mike also picked a couple of our super hot peppers including several Lemon Drop peppers aka Peruvian Lemon peppers and decided to see if they were actually, “intensely hot” as described by a friend.

This is his, “Holy shit! These have some heat!” face

photo 6How about an bird update?

Update: they are all doing just fine.

photo 10We’re back at the Kent Haymaker Farmers’ Market this Saturday morning from 9-1 so stop and visit us. We’ll have plenty of that Triple Threat jam I mentioned along with eggs, hydrangeas, fresh cut flowers, and hypertufas.

And, speaking of hypertufas – don’t forget to sign up for our Hands-On Hypertufa Workshop! The workshop is going to be at Pizzute’s Plant-n-Thyme on Saturday, September 28th at 2pm. You can RSVP for a spot by email (bartongardens@gmail.com) or by stopping by our booth at the market this Saturday.

You could make one of these beauties yourself!


About Barton Farms and Gardens

My husband and I are bringing an old family farm back to life while simultaneously working full-time jobs and raising two kids. It's a gas!
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