Old Timey Tuesday: The Help Us Out Edition!

Check out this haul from a 2012  Haymaker winter market. I think this was in November.


It is so great to be a part of the Haymaker Farmers’ Market. Diane and I really enjoy it. We love seeing old friends and making new friends. We love to shop and buy local goods from local folks. We enjoy the live music and the people and of course we love sharing our jams and hypertufas with the community. 

Another great thing about the market is that it goes year round. Yep, all year long you can hit up the Haymaker Market and pick up local foods. The outdoor market under the bridge on Franklin Street runs from the end of May through the last weekend of October and then the indoor winter market starts up.

Where is the indoor market? Well, last year it was at Junction 211 on Franklin Street down behind the Save-A-Lot. This year – we’re not exactly sure…..

Junction 211 isn’t available to us and we’re having a heck of a time finding a winter spot. I’ve called numerous locations in Kent with rental space and all of them have turned me down. Our market manager and a couple of other gals on the Board have also been making calls and we’re coming up short. There are a couple of prospects but the best thing we’ve got going is a bit outside our budget.

Keeping the market going all year and providing local foods to the community regardless of the season is really important. We have a pretty rad and totally loyal customer base and many of them show up rain, wind, sleet, snow – many of you are among that crowd! They want a year round market. And us vendors want it too.

I’ve been freezing loads of fruit this summer so I can make jam and spreads this winter and continue to participate and be a part of the market community.

So, this is my call to you all. Any of you know of a space that would like to host a Saturday indoor market from November – early May? If so please get a hold of me.




About Barton Farms and Gardens

My husband and I are bringing an old family farm back to life while simultaneously working full-time jobs and raising two kids. It's a gas!
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