Sunday Funday!

What a great weekend!

We continue to be grateful to all of of our friends at the Haymaker Farmers’ Market for their continued support. I am having trouble keeping up with new jams and spreads!

photo 1And Diane will have lots more hydrangeas and soon they’ll be turning pink and blue (gorgeous!). Stay tuned!

Now on to the Sunday Funday.

We started out with a delicious breakfast of egg tacos, hash browns, and blackberries. Thanks to Bernie of Swamp Veggies for the cilantro and Bill of Rootstown Organic Farm for the potatoes and garlic and thanks to our hens for the delicious eggs. A great start to the day!

Then I cleaned my oven and Mike started working outside.

Can we talk about oven cleaning for a minute? How do you clean your oven? I used to use those wretched chemicals back in the day. They’re gross. I mean, it’s freaking poison. Now I use baking soda and vinegar water. You should probably try it.

The night before you want to clean your oven sprinkle baking soda all around the inside. If there is some serious built up grime then lay it on pretty thick. I keep a spray bottle of vinegar and water (2:1 ratio) for cleaning and it works well here. Spray the vinegar water until you really soak the baking soda. Then close up your oven and go about your business.

The next morning you’ll see the baking soda has turned brownish. Just get a wet rag and start wiping it up. And as you wipe you’ll see all the grime coming up too. Just keep rinsing your rag and wiping up grimy baking soda until it’s nice and clean.

Now you can start roasting things at high heat and not set off the smoke alarm!

You could roast tomatillos and jalapenos for example.

photo 5Just tossed with a little olive oil and roasted on high heat until brown and liquidy. Later I’ll pulse this a bit in the food processor, heat it back up, and then can it in pint jars. And then we will enjoy chili verde all winter long. Mmm….

And since my oven was so clean and primed for roasting I also did some tomatoes.

photo 6Same deal as last time. I’ll re-heat this later too and can this simple sauce in pint jars.

While my veggies were roasting I tackled the latest peck of peaches from Huffman Fruit Farm. After blanching and peeling some went into the fridge with some sugar for a peach jam and some got mixed with some Morning Dew Orchards plums and honey for a plum peach spread and the rest were frozen in 2.5lb. increments so I can do more peachy jams in the winter.

All of this produce left me with a lot of skins and pits.

Can we talk compost?

photo 4Are you composting? If not you really should get started. It’s easy and nothing is better for your garden than some broken down, rotten, old kitchen scraps!

We have several compost piles. There is one at the back of the yard for the stuff Mike brings home from work – grass clippings, shrubs, dead plants, old mulch, whatever. The second one in the way back is for the old chicken and goat bedding. And the third little compost bin is up closer to the house and it’s for my kitchen scraps and wilted flowers.

It’s really easy to build a compost bin but it’s also easy to buy a cheapo, plastic bin from Big Lots for $20. I’ll add stuff all year and turn it with my mini pitchfork and in the spring we’ll mix it into the garden. Good stuff. Good, good stuff.

We took an afternoon break and headed up to the fair to meet some friends and enjoy the sights with them and their two small kids. It was so fun to watch them with the animals and ride rides and enjoy fried cheese and doughnuts. Good times.

When we got home I realized I had about a cup of blackberries I needed to use.

So I baked a cobbler for my co-workers.

photo 7I’ll take it to work tomorrow and hopefully everyone’s Monday will be a little brighter.

And check this out. Our cats and turkeys get along just fine.

photo 8We’re all friends here at Barton Farms and Gardens!








About Barton Farms and Gardens

My husband and I are bringing an old family farm back to life while simultaneously working full-time jobs and raising two kids. It's a gas!
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2 Responses to Sunday Funday!

  1. regina says:

    I’ve been thinking about your cheapo big lots bin idea for compost. Do you keep a lid on it? Add to it all winter? Add anything to it? I don’t know much about compost but I do know I throw out loads of food scraps every week.

  2. Yep, there is a lid on it. It’s stationary though, not one of those nice ones you can turn with a crank so we’ll see what happens come winter. If the ground/compost is frozen I’ll probably just dump the stuff on top. I don’t add anything. Mike put in some dirt to get it started and now I just dump in the scraps and turn it ever now and then with my pitchfork. Those ones you can turn are pretty rad and maybe Adam could build one. See here –

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