Old Timey Tuesday: Keep On Truckin’ Edition

My Great Grandpa Roy owned Roy H. Royer & Sons Trucking. They hauled produce to Florida among other things and my Grandpa Kenny and my Great Uncle Del were two of the drivers. Roy’s brother Carl farmed in Hartville and some of the produce they hauled was his. On a side note, all of the migrant camps in Hartville are named after their original owners. There is a Royer Camp on Duquette and the old brick building that still stands was my Great, Great Uncle Carl’s wash house.

Tragically, just as things seemed to be going well for the Royers, my great grandpa died suddenly. He was just 55 years old. This put things into a real tail spin and sadly my Great Grandma Verna was forced to sell the trucks along with the business and the shipping rights.

Family – if you’re reading this please feel free to chime in here. Did they continue to truck at all after Roy died or did Verna sell everything right away?

I remember playing in Grandpa’s garage as a kid and climbing in and around an old, broken down Roy H. Royer & Sons truck. It looked just like this one.


You can see the house to the left of the truck. This was back before they enclosed the porch and well before they added the addition on to the back of the house. And notice the building to the right of the truck? That’s the wood shed in its original location before it was moved.


My grandma used the spot where the big mulched flower bed is now as a garden in recent years. She always griped about not being able to dig down too far. “You hit gravel because this is where they parked the trucks” she’d say.

It makes me sad that Roy died so young. I think our lives would all be a lot different had he lived longer. And it makes me sad that my dad, aunts, and uncle never had a Grandpa Royer; my Aunt Jackie wasn’t even a year old when he died. I feel very lucky and grateful that I had 30 years with my Grandpa Royer.

In fact, I was just thinking about Grandpa last night when we ate dinner. Why? We had pork chops. (PS – the cast iron skillet was Verna’s!).


And if you knew grandpa then you knew he loved a good pork chop.

Thanks to Breakneck Acres Farm for the killer chop. Good food and even better memories.

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My husband and I are bringing an old family farm back to life while simultaneously working full-time jobs and raising two kids. It's a gas!
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3 Responses to Old Timey Tuesday: Keep On Truckin’ Edition

  1. Viper says:

    It’s great that you have so many old photos of your new home. My Grandma’s funeral was yesterday and we went back to her apartment to pick out keepsakes. There were a bunch of old photos. My grandparents spent many years doing genealogy research and collecting family history, so there were some really old photos. We brought home a tintype from some distant family we had in Meigs County, Ohio. The frame was hand-carved. It’s really cool. You’d get a kick out of it. Cheers!

    • I am sorry to hear about your grandma Viper. But I am glad you have good memories and a few keepsakes. Old family photographs are such treasures. The archivist in me is very worried about the affect of today’s totally digital, oftentimes cell phone photographs. I fear a lot of treasures will be lost. I’d like to see the tin type sometime.

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