More berries! More bourbon!

Earlier in the week Diane called me and asked if she could pick berries somewhere to help the cause. With the heat index off the charts we agreed an early morning pick at the local berry patch would be great – plus their black raspberries are just killin’ it and they won’t be around much longer.

While I headed to my air conditioned university office, Diane headed to the patch. And what a sweetheart – she texted me later to say she took the berries to my house, covered them with a tea towel, and stuck ’em in my fridge. Love her!

All told Diane harvested almost 6lbs of black raspberries before she dropped dead of heat exhaustion. I froze two pounds and the other four were destined to become Sip of Bourbon Black Raspberry Jam.


As I said before, I’m not much of a bourbon drinker, and believe it or not this bottle has been in my liquor cabinet since my bachelorette hen party (two years ago already!). But this lil’ bottle of Maker’s Mark has served me well and the tail end of it lovingly went into some jam.

You know the drill – berries, bourbon, sugar, lemon juice. Bubble and boil.


For this one I started with 3lbs of berries and cooked it all down until it was almost set. Then I threw in another pound towards the end for so I’d have some bigger berry chunks in the finished jam. I’m calling this Sip of Bourbon Black Raspberry because it’s just a sip. Not a whole shot.  Turns out I didn’t have as much bourbon left as I thought I did. Time to make a run to the liquor store!


Also available this Saturday at the Kent Haymaker Farmers’ MarketBlueberry Honey Spread.

Last Saturday after the market I headed up to Auburn with some friends to give blueberry picking a try. Turns out all that damn rain was holding up the berries so we didn’t get too many – just under 3 lbs. Oh well, it was enough for a batch of jam and I also got to enjoy cold beers with friends so it was worth the trip.


Looks like this was the only photograph I took of the blueberry jam session. But I guess you know what jam making looks like by now anyways. And on a side note – I’ve been trying to get a 16oz jar of honey each week from Karen of Kountry Dreamer at the market. Great stuff!! And you should also check out Karen’s fruit pies and quick breads. Mmm. She’s literally under the Haymaker Bridge and has pretty much all of your sweet tooth needs covered.

And on the agenda for the weekend – more red raspberries and some golden plums courtesy of my pals at Huffman Fruit Farm!


I seriously cannot say enough about this family farm. Their fruit is killer and what a variety! Oh, I just love them. They have cling peaches now but I’m holding out for the freestones – a couple more weeks.

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My husband and I are bringing an old family farm back to life while simultaneously working full-time jobs and raising two kids. It's a gas!
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3 Responses to More berries! More bourbon!

  1. gin says:

    i left some rye whiskey at your place too if you can use it!

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