The Rhubarb Continues….

Come on strawberries! I love rhubarb and have really grown to appreciate it these last couple of weeks but I am ready for some strawberries! I scored 2 pints from Morning Dew Orchards at the market but that was just for snacking. For jam I need mass quantities and so far my two favorite pick-your-own places aren’t ready – hopefully by next week.

Until then – rhubarb!

I picked up some gorgeous rhubarb at last Saturday’s market from Heron Hill Farm. Heron Hill is owned by Elaine and Jerry and they are great folks with great stuff. I love their stand. And I also love Elaine – she is a huge supporter of us and her encouragement was the inspiration behind my making more spreads (remember those are the jams made with honey not sugar).

So back to their rhubarb. Gorgeous, thick, red stalks cut fresh before the market. I wish I would’ve gotten a photo of them right after I bought it. Rats!

I wash and trimmed and weighed out 2 1/2 lbs of rhubarb (the rest went into a rhubarb crumble for my in-laws) and mixed it with about a pound of honey and the juice of one lemon. I let this sit overnight on my counter.


Honey can be thick and hard to work with sometimes but after 24 hours the rhubarb had released a ton of juice and the honey was all mixed in with it. (I snuck a piece at this point. Mmmm…..)

Then I got to jammin’. This one cooks fast and is easy peasy. It was cooked, jarred, and processed in less than an hour and a half.


And the final product.

ImageThis is really good. I love the tartness and on a piece of buttered toast – delicious.

I made the same jam with sugar and Straight Up Rube and Straight Up Rube II will be available this Saturday from 9-1 under the bridge at the Kent Haymaker Farmers’ Market.

And since this jam is so quick I was also able to accomplish a few other things tonight. I planted (almost) all of our peppers.


The straw? remember that wicked frost we had Memorial Day weekend? Well, we covered our plants and even though the tops got a little zapped there is new growth towards the bottom and looks like almost everything (we had only planted peppers and tomatoes) is coming back! Sweet!

I also enjoyed watching my chickens tear up a flower bed and the new hanging basket I picked up at Pizzute’s Plant-n-Thyme. Love!


About Barton Farms and Gardens

My husband and I are bringing an old family farm back to life while simultaneously working full-time jobs and raising two kids. It's a gas!
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