I’m rested and I’m ready….

Sometimes life just punches you in the face. Or dropkicks you in the gut. Or karate chops you in the windpipe. All of those things happened last week.

But, just when you feel like you’re at the end of your rope someone does something that makes you smile and you remember that life isn’t so bad and everything will be ok.

Unbeknownst to my VA friends by way of TX I had a pretty tough week.  I arrived home hungry and tired and at the very end of a very  frayed rope and I found a cooler on my porch.

The contents:


Authentic TX brisket from Cooper’s Old Time BBQ Pit in LLano, TX. My Va by way of TX friends and I have had many conversations about BBQ. I profess my love for the whole hog and pork shoulders of NC and they tell me the beef brisket of TX is the only true BBQ. Most of the time we agree to disagree.

Now, we have something to agree on. This brisket was freakin’ amazing! Phenomenal! Out of this damn world. And it came to us from Llano by UPS and we warmed it up in the microwave (per their specific instructions) and it was still amazing. Can you imagine how good it is right off the bbq pit?!

I am a believer in TX bbq. I will admit though, I still love my NC pork. My family and I agree that as Ohioans with no stake in the game we love it all. We have no loyalty to one meat or one region.

So, during one of the toughest times of my life friends helped me out tremendously and they didn’t even realize it. A brisket sandwich (on cheap white bread of course) and a g&t in the sunshine just about set me straight.


So thank you Ben and Pris.  Thank you.

About Barton Farms and Gardens

My husband and I are bringing an old family farm back to life while simultaneously working full-time jobs and raising two kids. It's a gas!
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1 Response to I’m rested and I’m ready….

  1. blubrd49@aol.com says:

    Didn’t know you had a bad week. Let me know if I can help with anything ….anytime. I love you and I love your site.

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