Fence Party!

Edie and Alobar have been shacking up with the chickens in the other half of the coop since we moved in last month.

Edie & Alobar

Their old place may have been a little smaller but at least they could get out into a small yard for some sunshine and a little grass. Here they’ve been cooped up indoors except when we get them out to run around the yard while we’re working outside.

They need a fenced in pasture with 24 hour access so that is what we started on Sunday.

This looks like a pretty nice spot.


First we hauled the fence, t-posts, 4x4s and scavenged wood back to the pasture.


And then we started digging the post holes. Check out the sweet post hole digger we scored at the auction! It worked like a charm and certainly made our task a little easier.

ImageRemember I said we scavenged some wood? Here is an example. We found this sturdy gem in the barn and it made a fine corner post.


My cousin Mike stopped by. Score! Come join the fence party!

ImageIn addition to the corner posts we put several larger posts throughout and then shored it up with t-squares. Pulling the fence tight takes a lot of elbow grease.

ImageMike helped us about 1/3 of the way around before he heard the dinner bell and had to take off. Luckily, just before he left Uncle Dave stopped down to see what was going on. You’re in sandals and shorts? No big deal. Welcome to the fence party!


We were a little short on fence since our original plan changed post fence purchase. That’s ok. We were tired and hungry anyways.

And after a hard day of fencing we deserved a good meal. And boy did we have one.

My father-in-law (aka eagle eye) brought us some morels the other day and I always like to make  venison with a morel port sauce the first time we have morels. Alongside some fresh picked asparagus we ended our Sunday Funday with smiles.


About Barton Farms and Gardens

My husband and I are bringing an old family farm back to life while simultaneously working full-time jobs and raising two kids. It's a gas!
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