so about those seahorses…..

It looks like the seahorses will be with us a little longer than anticipated as last night we discovered an area in far more need of repair than our pink bathroom.

Some context – we bought a brand new, kick ass, high efficiency washer and dryer set. We did a lot of research and got a really great deal and I have to admit I was pretty excited to get home from work and test them out. 

As with all things in our life it wasn’t that easy.

Look at these hook ups.

ImageThe faucets are very leaky due to some serious corrosion. See that blue hue? The faucets are brass and over time they have really corroded. Mike’s examination proved that none of the plumbing appears to be cooper but rather a mix of rusted and corroded galvanized metal and steel and cheap rubber hose.

Since we were both running pretty low on underpants we decided to try to make it work for at least a load or two. we set up a bucket behind the washer to catch the dripping water and got it all hooked up. We checked the water and it just wasn’t getting hot. Then we discovered they are hooked up backwards.

Mike was pretty exasperated and (lovingly) shouted toward the sky, “You’re killing me right now Kenny! Red is always hot!” (Love you Grandpa).

ImageSo we have clean underwear but we need to get to work on this area before we start doing laundry on a regular basis. And P.S. – this washer is pretty freakin’ incredible.

In addition to the plumbing issues we found some electrical issues as well. Mike’s uncle is an electrician and came out over the weekend to give us a diagnosis. I think he was a little overwhelmed.

They found several live wires kinda just hangin’ out (They have since been taken down). They also learned that a lot of the lines are so old they have cloth coverings which have rotted away exposing the electric lines. Very few of our outlets have three holes and we had to use a “cheater” to hook up our brand new fridge. This is not advised.

A lot of the lights, especially in the basement, are hooked up through numerous old extension cords. Mike called these “daisy chains” and again – not advised. You can kinda see the variety of cords in the picture above. And if I run into a fluorescent hanging light one more time….

So, looks like we have to get to work on some electrical and plumbing issues before we can tackle that darn pink bathroom.


About Barton Farms and Gardens

My husband and I are bringing an old family farm back to life while simultaneously working full-time jobs and raising two kids. It's a gas!
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4 Responses to so about those seahorses…..

  1. Malcontent Martell says:

    Welcome to our world. I give pretty good odds that you guys will have your bathroom, plumbing and electric done before we even get around to the plumbing, though (we had the plumber out yesterday to put a band aid on the pipe behind the bathroom sink that finally corroded through).

  2. Three cheers for structural basics! In other news, Mike made a comment about the corrosion being bad for our water – especially the random steel pieces of pipe since they rust. I have always thought the well water at the farm was the BEST. And I still do. I asked Mike if it was the rusty steel that made it so tasty. Ha!

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